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The war against Alcoholism, dull drinks, and “unfruityness” wages on. The modern field of warfare is not one found on the hard fought muddy plains, nor beside cold, concrete nuclear bunkers, or even at the desk of a cyber genius. No, in fact, the battle that we are currently faced with is far closer to home. It is in fact, the war against the fridges and pubs of the world. The drinks we are putting in our homes, and making readily accessible are degrading the quality of life, destroying the livers of millions and depressing the minds of the populous of the world. Show your allegiance to the cause and join the fight today!

We will combine, unite and empower the living armies of fruit from all around the world. We will reincarnate the lost powers of coconut from the Arecaceae family which heralds from the ancient Malaysian metropolis. We will reunite the Legendary Trio: the Grapefruit, guardian of the flora realm, the Balsam Apple, with a core as strong as iron and the Pineapple, the fruit which wields the terminal tuft as sharp as any two edged sword. Then ultimately the syrup’s, hailing from North Americas, which on the tongue can be sweet, but the wise man is not one who underestimates their powers in fruitation.

When under one name, one banner, one call of allegiance, as all stand in rank chanting the unifying cry of Blend Army, and with your support, then, and only then, can we be strong enough, to stand up to the tide of mundane colours, tastes dimmed by the unnatural flavourings of the dark world, and the ever growing disease of alcoholism, which as we speak, and as we sleep is slowly spreading through the towns, villages and hamlets, leaving destruction in its wake.

We must stand strong, fly the colours of green and black, and be proud of #BlendArmy.


The all new, all-inclusive Blend competition to win. Prizes given every month.


Join our Online Competition Campaign in order to enter a prize draw for a free ‘box of the month’. In order to enter you need to:

  • Order a box
  • Take a selfie with a mocktail you mixed.
  • Tag us at @blendmocktails with #BlendArmy on Twitter or Instagram with your photos or send them in at info@blendmocktails.com
  • A winner will be chosen each month.
  • Wait and see if you win!

Join the ranks!

Successful Blend Army Recruits!  Successful Blend Army Recruits!  Successful Blend Army Recruits!  Successful Blend Army Recruits!

Successful Blend Army Recruits!    Blend Army Recruit    Successful Blend Army Recruits!